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Although there are several ways to extract CBD, the purpose is always the same: to extract the cannabinoid in concentrated form to prepare it for human consumption.

In order to legally offer CBD for sale in Europe, the extraction process must always be carried out with industrial hemp. This ensures that the resulting product is legally compliant with the maximum THC content (< 0.2% THC).

The CO2 Extraction Method

The most popular commercial method of all CBD oil extraction techniques is not only safe but also produces a very high quality end product.

Basically, CO2 extraction involves the use of pressurized carbon dioxide to extract compounds from the plant. At certain temperatures and pressures, CO2 behaves like a solvent. With its help, compounds such as CBD can be extracted from the plant. The difference, however, is that CO2 is much safer than other solvents.

The CO2 technique requires special equipment, which makes it very expensive. The equipment used converts the CO2 into a liquid by lowering the temperature to below -56°C and increasing the pressure to over 517 Pascal (Pa).

After liquefying the CO2, the temperature and pressure are increased to the point where the liquid becomes supercritical. This means that it has some properties of a liquid and some properties of a gas. It also means that one can fill a container (like a gas) while maintaining the density (like a liquid). In this way, the product is not damaged or denatured during chemical extraction.

The supercritical carbon dioxide is passed in an extractor through high-quality industrial hemp. This is how the cannabinoids are extracted. The solution is then passed through a separator and broken down into different parts; the supercritical CO2 then condenses back into a liquid that can be reused.

Advantages of CO2 extraction:

CO2 is safe for human use, so the resulting products are not contaminated.

  • The method is very effective and yields are high
  • The technology makes it possible to produce a pure quality product without the risk of contamination by chlorophyll, for example.

Disadvantages of CO2 extraction:

  • This method is expensive due to the special equipment required.
  • It also requires some technical skills and amateurs should not do this.

CO2 extraction machines

To ensures that the CO2 never comes into contact with external elements, a closed extraction system is required. This ensures that the CO2 never comes into contact with external elements, so the system is safe.

A CO2 extraction machine costs around 50,000 Euros. The expensive equipment and labour costs for a specialised team drive up the price of oils produced by this method.

But the price is worth it. They pay for a high-quality oil that is above all safe. Remember that some other techniques can actually damage the active ingredients in hemp. It also makes much more sense for manufacturers to use this technique. With it you can achieve higher yields and produce CBD oils on a larger scale. At CBDCanaryIslands.com we only use premium CBD for our products, that has been extracted facilitating CO2 closed loop machines of highest quality.

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